Central Ohio fire museum Columbus Ohio
Central Ohio paranormal research group was given the privilege of being the
first paranormal team to investigate engine house #16, now the Central Ohio
fire museum located in downtown Columbus Ohio. The fire station has been
restored to it's original appearance as it looked in 1908 after it was retired from
service in the 1980s, and is now used as a museum and learning center. The
evidence presented here are from our two investigations there on November 1st
2008 and Friday the 13th 2009. A few of our investigators reported the feeling
of someone touching or playing with their hair,but no visual evidence was
captured, however we did capture some good evps.  Below is some of the
evidence we captured there. It is our conclusion that this beautiful old building
has served the community well and is still doing so, spirits and all. Our special  
thanks to the board members who graciously allowed us these investigations.
Three of our investigators were
investigating the second floor of the
harness shop, When one comments that
there are three hot chicks up here and
your not talking to them.  You hear a
female in a very mechanical voice saying,
"Well maybe it's a female". And near the
end a male voice answers "Hello!".
Investigator and sensitive Murphy
Dixon was at the Horse stall replica on
the main floor when she asked  if you
could make some sort of noise that
would be nice. You then hear a series
of clicks in response to her request.
Here Murphy was on the stairs to
the old hay loft  when she asked
"are you hiding?" and you here
something say "I don't hide".
This was caught in the
harness shop second floor. A
mans voice whispers "
"around the steps".
Again on the second floor
harness shop are tech manager
Dan Moccomis and investigator  
Bruce Clevenger . Dan asks can
you touch Bruce?, and you hear a
voice answer "Yes" then Bruce
says " Yeah touch me".
This evp was captured on the
second floor harness shop from
a static recorder when no one
was around. A man says "My
In this evp Bruce finds an old
coffee pot and a male voice
whispers "We're bad".
Dan joking with Bruce gets a
response of "Desperate".
Again from our static recorder
on the second floor harness
shop. While the ladies were in
another room a man whispers
"Hey there".
While our three lady
investigators were on the
second floor of the harness
shop a male voice says
"That's close".
Rick on the main floor of the
fire museum thanks the
spirits if they talked to him
and to follow him around to
got this response of "It's me".
This was captured by Rick in
our first investigation of
what sounds like a child
Captured by Rick while walking  
in theharnessshop. You can
hear Rick walking, then a female
voice asks "They here?" and a
male voice responds "no ones
out"Then another male voice
says's "You lie".
like the changes they've made
here?. And what sounds like a
very old man answers "Yes".