The Greater Columbus antique mall
Columbus Ohio
The greater Columbus antique mall as it's known today was built  at the end of the Victorian age for George
Janton. With a large brick carriage barn added to the large home. When George Janton died it was passed on to
his widow  and  son. After about a year It was sold and became the Woodyard  Hughes funeral home. After  
Woodyard left it became J.L.Hughes solely.

In the late 1930's it once again changed hands. This time it became theJ.J.Simons funeral home, and was then  
sold to the Elks lodge. The Elks made many changes to the structure, tearing  down the old carriage barn and it
secondary meeting places. A large complex for it's time and is as you see it today.

The complex was then sold to Wendys Int. In 1977. Wendys made a sisters restaurant on what once was the
south parking lot and sold the house and north parking lot. At this time in 1979 it assumed it's current use
known then as the South High antique mall, the first antique mall in Columbus Ohio. Later the name was
changed to the Greater Columbus antique mall.

With special thanks to Fred and Pat Altevogt The owners, The COPRG was allowed  to investigate there four
times, capturing a great  number of evp's plus many personal experiences as well as some video. We present to
you here just a small portion of that evidence. In our opinion The greater Columbus antique mall is a very active  
and beautiful  haunted building.
In this evp that was captured in the
auditorium, you hear a lady say
"Can't see".
Scott is telling Rick that there was a
temperature reading of 666 behind
Rick repeats the reading and then a
mans voice says "don't do that".
This evp was captured by
Danny that night of a man
saying "he doesn't know".
Atonya , Scott and Dan were doing
evp work in the auditorium when
they all heard a young girl cry out
Dans recorder
Nancy and Atonya were
working in the auditorium
when Nancy asked how many
spirits are here, in a very soft
voice a woman says " I know,
Scott asking the spirits to
knock again. In response to
his question he heard this
One of the many questions
us?. Without asking this
lady tells us"I can see you!".
In our first investigation we caught what
sounded like a Parrot on the second floor of
the building.  In this evp we again hear what
sounds like a parrot saying "time is".
Danny and Shawn were doing a evp
session using a K2 meter Shawn
asked them to light up the lights on
the meter  when a man responds
with "you can't catch me!".
One of the owners Pat joined in on the
investigation, and with her were her two
nieces Andrea and Heather, they were using  
a K2 meter. Pat trying to get some response
puts the K2 meter on the floor and caught
this breath from the spirit.