Iam's Homestead Trotwood Ohio
The Iams Homestead Museum is an 1847 vintage house that has been
renovated and now houses a museum.  One room is set up as an old school
room; one room is set up as a bedroom with period furniture; other rooms in
the house contains other displays of furniture, pictures and other artifacts.
There are more than a few spirits that dwell in the old homestead. As well as
the barn.  It's said that a previous owner hung himself in the barn. We have
had two investigations there and experienced disembodied voices. There is
also the spirit of a little boy who followed us from barn to the house.
The Central Ohio paranormal research group has had two
investigations of the Iam's homestead, and the evidence
here are from both investigations.
The Barn
A previous owner hung
himself in this barn.
From the first floor of the barn
Rick asks "can you knock on
something?" And a male voice
tells him to "Fuck off"
While investigating the upper
section of the barn Rick runs
into the spirit of a young boy
who later follows him into the
house. Here he asks Rick if he's
sure about some wires he found.
Again in the upper barn and Rick
talking about the wires. Here you
hear the young boy spirit tell Rick
"there" as to where the wires are
Inside the homestead one
of our static recorders
picked up our
investigators talking. And
a male spirit responds
"That was pretty scary"
Many of the rooms are
made like the time period.
Here Nancy gets a
response to her question
but it's not very clear.
Same response but in
While investigating one of
the up stairs bedrooms a
female spirit says " You
hear that?" Rick
subconsciously hear this
and responds.
Once again the young spirit
boy finds Rick, this time
coming down the steps
inside the house where he
says " I thought they took
that out".
Nancy and Rick investigate
the basement and Rick asks
do you stay in the basement
all the time? And a creepy
male voice answers him with
Once again from the
basement, Rick asks would
you like to tell us your name
please? And a male spirit says
"Victor" The first recording is
the original the second his
voice is enhanced
You really need a good pair of
speakers or headphones for the
one. Rick asks can you copy this?
And snaps his fingers three time.
Then you three low sounding
booms like someone thumping on
the floor. A second or two after the
bumps a male spirits says "Yes".
upstairs bedrooms when
a female spirit starts to
introduce a male spirit to
her, when an older female
spirit say the younger
females name as if to stop
her. She says " Marsha".