The Military Aviation and Preservation Society
MAPS museum
On September 4th 2010, The Central Ohio paranormal research group was the
first paranormal research team to investigate The maps museum. When you
take a tour of the museum with all it's historical war birds, and it's beautiful
displays of our proud military history and the men and women who served,  
it's very apparent that the former veterans who donate their time and skills to
the museum take great pride in this most amazing display of military aviation.
After our first investigation there, it was also apparent that they are not alone.
In this evp, Rick's shoes squeaked
as he walks across the hanger area,
and his digital recorder pick a male
voice saying "Squeak".
While Nancy and Rick were
walking around a large fighter
jet, Rick pauses to look at a large
propeller. And a very deep male
voice tells him " Get in".
While in a previous spot in the hanger area
Nancy experienced a cold spot. Here she
says she doesn't feel cold any more. A
male voice tells here "It's averages".
Still doing evp sessions in the hanger,
Rick asks what was your rank in the
military?. He gets a response from the
deep voiced male who tells him "Move
away pal".
Nancy was setting by a plane that had an
insignia that says Charlie's jewel on it.
She asked what was your favorite plane?,
was it Charlie's jewel?. A male voice very
close to the recorder says "Puzzle".
While Nancy and Rick were investigating an area around a plane where earlier a man who
claimed to be a sensitive told them he picked up on someone named John, they heard
movement  around the plane. They decided to investigate the side where they heard the
movement and walked to the other side of the plane. They again heard the movement but this
time on the side they had just left. When Rick walked inside the ropes of the plans display the
sounds stopped. But while in the from of the plane doing their evp session they caught this odd
sounding female voice Saying "who could they be?". But when the voice is played in reverse
the voice ask's " Can you hear me?.
After finishing they're investigation of the movement around
the plane,  they went back to place the chairs back to where
they  had been before they used them in they're first evp
session, when they caught a female voice telling Rick     
"that was already like it".
Two of our investigators were
leaving the Russian MIG display
when they caught what sounds like
a female saying "Ghost Huntin".
While leaving the storage area
Nancy caught two males voices.
One saying "Good luck", and
another saying "Freak".
The restoration building is separate from the
museum hanger. And we placed a static recorder
in that building as well. In this first evp, Nancy
went back to check on and she gives the time as a
marker. When you can clearly her a male voice
some distance away saying " Real goody tits".
Again in the restoration building, Rick
and Nancy were preparing to do a evp
and Rick goes to get a folding chair to set
on. And the voice in the upper right evp
says "Probably gonna shit".
Rick is explaining to Nancy what
the WW II fighter plane Corsair
looked like, when the same male
voice calls him " Left foot".
Ending their evp session Rick takes the folding chair
back to where he found it. As he begins talking to
Nancy, an angry sounding voice tells him to  "Shut
In this final evp, Rick Willaman a Maps
member who's specialty is radios  
came into the restoration building.
And just before he walks in, our static
recorder caught a male voice say's
"May day"".
After hearing movement  in and around a plane Rick decides to
check it out.  Rick says we're gonna have to go over there and
Nancy responds with over there?, you then hear a male's Ahh,
Maps museum north Canton Ohio