This is the chandelier that moved
on request twice in our first
The dinning room area where
we captured the evp "don't
start up here!".
This wall in the parlor shows Col
Robert Patterson, his wife Elizabeth
and many of their children.
This is the master bedroom in
the Patterson homstead.
This is the main parlor where you can see
the chandelier that moved upon request
twice in our first investigation.
The basement ceiling
being low at some points,
this spirit tell us" to move
your head and duck!".
This was captured in the
dinning room telling us
"Don't you start up here".
Rick was reading a sign and
a spirit asks him what the
sign says.
In the museum room you
hear a the spirit responds to
the camera turning on with
an "Uh oh".
Out side the museum room there
are a row of chairs that Rick
brought one in  to sit on.
You hear a man say watch your
Dan asked do you know
your dead?. And a man
answers "Yeah".
The Patterson homestead Dayton Ohio 2nd
investigation August 8th 2008
This is not an evp because Rick actually
heard this female voice while Nancy and Rick
were  investigating in the master bedroom.
When Rick heard the female speak he here
him ask what?.
The female voice says  "Hopes in the dead".
The Central Ohio paranormal research group has investigated
the Patterson homestead in Dayton three times, always
coming back with more scientific data with each investigation.
Here we give just a glimpse of the evidence that we have
gathered there. Full of history, this building still holds many
Originally the home of Revolutionary War veteran Colonel Robert Patterson and his
wife, Elizabeth Lindsay Patterson.

Frank J. Patterson’s son, Jefferson, donated the house and its 8.5 acres to the City of
Dayton in 1953 for use as a meeting center and family memorial. At the time of
donation, the house was presented fully furnished with 18th and 19th century antiques
along with several original family pieces. Over the years, the artifact collection has
grown to include more family-related artifacts that are housed in six period rooms.