Most of the rooms are now empty
hence the echo.This one you hear
a women saying something.Then
a man says"Anns in the back
In this evp you can hear the members
in the command center from a static
recorder,and a man tells us to "get
You hear a to way radio chirp and
man says "I hate".Apparently not
liking the sound of the two way
Rick caught this eerie mans breathy
voice saying"I'll duck in here".
This one has a man telling us "life
is bad".
The static recorder beside the IR
camera caught this spirit trying to
mess with the equipment,then
gets frustrated.
This creepy evp says"murder,get out
of this house".
In this one a woman spirit says "my
ankle",then another man spirit asks
In this one a man tells us to "now,get
Here you hear a woman calling
out for Rick,and then a man
repeats his name.
Here a woman says something
soft,then a man says"that's how I'll
make it".
While setting up the equipment in the
music room we caught this unhappy
man telling a female
investigator"White bitch!" "Look out!".
Here a female voice tells one of our
investigators"we walk a lot".
Here a man asks "who are you!"?.
This one you hear Rick talking,and a
woman yells at him to"go away!".
Here a man tells us"must quiet"!
Central Ohio paranormal research group has had six investigations of
dedicated this whole page to it.
And our grateful thanks to Tom Moore of the MOGVH (Mid Ohio valley
ghost hunters),and Scott Britton from the
investigating this most haunted place.
The Anchorage Marietta Ohio