The Victorian house Millersburg Ohio
We were contacted by the Holmes county historical society and asked to conduct an investigation of the beautiful
Victorian house
in Millersburg Ohio. Visitors have been reporting sightings of a small girl that would
follow visitors who had small children with them,  as well as an elderly lady dressed in
Victorian style clothing who would appear in various locations of the house. The
Victorian house was completed in 1902 by L.H. Brightman A Cleveland Ohio industrialist
for his wife Elizabeth and eight of their twelve children. Soon his business outgrew the
Millersburg area and four years later he and his family moved out. In 1907 a group  
physicians purchased the home for use as a sanitarium, and two years later it was again
sold to H.C. Lee a senior partner of the Griggs and Lee construction company. The
home remained in the Lee family until 1971 when Lena Lee Unkel the married daughter
of H.C.Lee passed away, she had lived in the home from 1909 until her passing in
1971.The investigation was made on October 31st 2009 under a full moon. We covered
all twenty eight rooms through out the night and many strange occurrences did happen
during the investigation.One IR camcoder and illuminator became unplugged by itself,
two members heard running in the second floor hall way at two different times that
night. One member caught a glimpse of what looked like a little girl in the third floor hall
way, and though no pictures or video evidence was captured, we did catch a record
number of evps that night. We will be making a follow up investigation sometime in
2010. We would like to thank Mark Boley the executive director of the Holmes county
historical society for inviting us in for these investigations.
Please turn your speakers up.
Here investigator Andrea Berry
caught a male saying "Hello".
This evp was caught by Nancy
and Rick in the basement of the
house. You hear Rick mention  
The old fashion grass cutters,
then a little girl whispers "dad's
been upset".
Most of the evps captured that night
were from the ball room. Again from a
static recorder placed in the ball room.
Investigators Ben and Misty Tempeler
started their evp session. As Ben
introduces themselves and a female
repeats his name "Ben".
In this evp from the ball room
Rick was complaining about
having  too many things in his
hands, when a female tells him to
"drop dead".
This was captured by Rick in the
master bed room on the second floor.
Rick had just commented on a picture
of Elizabeth Brightman when a female
says " her  Elizabeth I love babies
and chuckles".
Again this was caught by our
recorder in the ball room. Tech
manager Dam Mccomis asked do
not like me?. And female
with " Just one".
Each team had two investigators covering
various floors, and every forty five minutes
the teams would g one of these rotations
this Each team had two members female
covering various floors, and every was on
the on the second floor. She says "Take
second floor. She says "Take a shot baby".
Again from our static recorder on
the  second floor, Andrea and
Heather were asking the little girl
if she would tug on their clothing,
you hear a little girl say "Nay".
Here from the second floor static
recorder, You hear Andrea ask
could you tell us your name?.
There are two loud knocks and a
female says "Sue".
Near the end of our investigation,
Nancy and Rick were in the
basement. Rick was seated in a
chair and had removed his glasses
when they fell off his lap. Rick says
my glasses, then a rather creepy
voice says " Big head".
This was captured by our static
recorder on the second floor. A
female voice says "they're
almost out".
There were over one hundred evps captured
at the Victorian house that night. Too many
to put on here.I will try to place them
through out our evps pages soon. Please
visit our friends at the Victorian house and
take a virtual tour .
placed in the hallway on the second floor a
child running down the hall. the recorder
picked the voice of a little girl sating O.K.
The Victorian house Millersburg Ohio