On March 6th 2010, The Central Ohio paranormal research group did a follow up investigation
of the beautiful Victorian house, this time we brought some period toys to see if the little girl
who runs through the halls unseen might play with them. We also tried an experiment with a
plasma ball to see if we might catch some unseen hands touching it. Four teams rotated
through out the night so we could cover all twenty eight rooms of this historical mansion.
The above video is the plasma ball experiment on the night  March 6th 2010.While setting up our equipment we placed
our plasma ball experiment in the ball room. Placing the plasma ball on a glass display case and using a mini Dv
turning off the lights to see how the positioning of the camera was the Mini DV camera caught an unseen hand
touching the plasma ball while saying "weird". You can also clearly hear another male voice saying "you know she got
hit by that stuff?. Rick then radioed to the command center on the first floor asking if anyone had a radio on yet. You
then hear a male voice replying "Maybe". Later  Rick asks for an Ir Illuminatior to be brought up to the ballroom to give
Dorothea, the little girl spirit sat "it's a hoo hoo ha" and Nancy and Rick laugh as if they heard the little girl speak.
Then before leaving the room with the lights out, rick wants to make sure he's locked the cameras tripod and he
makes a funny sound telling Nancy that if it slipped someone would mistake it as if someone or something moved the
camera, you then hear a male laugh at what Rick had said. After Rick and Nancy leave you hear a male voice say
"tangled, are you?" and then a female voice says "I'm cold" and then chuckles.
Lots of evidence was captured by our static recorders during
our set up that night, below are a few evps caught in various
rooms all during our set up.
Heather and Nancy were in the children's room second floor setting up an
IR camera and waiting for the command center to confirm the " HELLO!"
was loud enough that the third floor static recorder also caught his voice.
While putting a cam corder on our second
plasma ball experiment in the child's room,
Mike asked if any of the spirits remembered
him, a female responded by saying his name,
Still with Mike in the children's
room Mike bumps into
something and say's gees. You
hear a male voice mocking Mike.
tTech manager Dan Mccomis
joins Mike in the children's room
and is telling Mike about his bad
luck finding a place to eat on his
hear a male voice comment on
Dans luck.
In this evp, the Little girl spirit was
caught on the static recorder in the
children's room. Obviously at some
distance away you can hear her ask "Do I
In this rather funny evp, you can hear a
female make a sexy moan after Rick
says I'll just put that there.
While investigating the master bedroom on
the second floor you hear the same female
voice in the sexy moan evp. You hear her
say softly " didn't tell me ", when Rick asks
if the little girl spirits name was Dorathea?,
she responds.
While Rick  and Nancy were
investigating the lawyers office on the
second floor, Rick asked can you do
that (tapping) again?. A male voice
responds " no".
Atonya and Heather were in
the children's room when a
playful male spirit taps away
and then snickers.
The ballroom on the third floor was  once t
served as an operating room, Nancy asked if
anyone died on the operating table?.
This clip can only be heard with head phones or
very low range speakers. After beat get stronger
then fade away. This was also caught by the
mini DV monitoring the plasma ball  in the
ballroom as well.
This was captured by our static recorder
in the master bedroom on the second
floor. Sometimes well ask them to copy
the old shave and a hair cut taps, but
there was no investigators on the
second floor when this was caught. You
hear the taps then a female voice say's "
Victorian house 2nd investigation
March 6th
The Victorian house Millersburg Ohio