Whispers Estate Mitchell Indiana
On October 16th 2010 The Central Ohio paranormal research group investigated the
infamous Whispers Estate in Mitchell Indiana.  Built in the late 1800's it was once the home
of  Dr John and Jesse Gibbons.  Doctor Gibbons had a very dark side, and it was said that
he would take liberties with his female patients. The home has seen many deaths including
that of their adopted daughter Rachel who the doctor may have performed a mercy killing
on due to Rachels accidental burning from a candle at Christmas time.  It was said she
came down to sneak a peek at the Christmas gifts and caught herself on fire burning her
badly. Along with Rachel the doctors wife Jesse and numerous others have also died in the
home, amputations were performed, some said to be unnecessary. With special thanks to
the owner Van Renier, we dedicate this page to Whispers Estate.
Photo courtesy of Whispers estate
We decided to not go with our usual set up of Ir cameras in hopes that it would
create a more active atmosphere of paranormal activity that night,  and indeed it
did. Our investigators heard footsteps on the second floor and when they went to
investigate the footsteps,  they moved to the third floor, also growls were heard
throughout the night and the building. We caught an overwhelming amount of
evps that night and into the next morning, some of the more interesting ones ever
caught by the COPRG. These are just a few of those that were caught in this,  one
of the most Infamous haunted locations in America, Whispers Estate in Mitchell
Indiana,  where the walls do seem to talk............and more!.
This peculiar evp was caught by a voice
recorder at the command center in the
dinning room. It this you here a male
voice saying "working it by Satan".
Here you can here Mike calling down to the
command center to ask if anyone other
than the three investigators on the second
floor were on the floor with them. They
were the only members up there at the
time, and after words you can hear the
footsteps above them on the third floor as
our investigators became aware of them
Through our years of investigations, we
have gathered many evps where a spirit
has given us, the living, a name,  such as
in the flesh. Here we hear another spirit
call us by another name, Solids. Here from
the second floor you can hear investigator
Atonya Rousch saying this is Rachel's
room they're in Jesse's room, then
another female voice say "solids".
This one from the basement, you
can here Rick saying I bet it had a
coal furnace at one time, when a
female voice tells him to "drop
Here from the first floor doctors office,
Tech manager Dan Mccomis is shoot
pictures.  As his camera clicks away
you hear an angry male voice saying
"you go!".
Again from the basement where Nancy and Rick were
investigating, they picked up a female voice that we
later learned is speaking in Spanish, but the Spanish is
not correct. She is trying to say Extrano blanco
meaning white strangers. Just before Rick asks is there
a way to get around there you can hear a male say
"Doctor!" Then near then end the female voice gets
closer to the recorder and says "check it out!"  Thanks
to Septimio Benitez  and Lon Strickler for they're help
in solving this mystery
This evp was caught by our static
recorder in Jesse's room.
You hear our investigator Bruce
Clevenger  say Dan's got the little
voice recorder on his arm, and an
older man answers with "O.K.".
This was caught by our static recorder
in Rachel's room. Rick is setting up a
mini DV camera to monitor a plasma
ball. First you here a male voice say "
One pretty one" then after Rick says I'm
sweeting my head off a female
responds with "Oh sexy".
Investigator Tom Spangler takes a
unique approach in the doctors
office. He ask the doctor for help
in clearing the doctors name, and
gets a response of interest when
a male voice says " Go on".
Here investigator Mike McQuaide takes a
harder approach in the doctors office. Mike
calls the doctor a few choice names and
gets an angry response from a male that
tells him "Fuck it! FU".
The static recorder in the doctors office
picked up a female calling out for
Rachel as the group gets set up for the
From our static recorder in the
servants quarters, Investigators
Dan and Bruce go to Rachels room.
You hear a male say "Chuckle kid"
meaning Bruce who loves to play
with people. Then Dan stops an
restarts the static recorder in
Rachels room and says be nice for
Rick, then a male voice tells Dan
In this peculiar evp from the static
recorder in Rachaels room, you hear a
female whisper "On his chin", then a
male says "Oh My", and amale voice says
"Your grayin Rachael".
Again from the static recorder in
Rachaels room you hear Rick say
O.K. Then a male voice whispers
Again from the static recorder in the doctors
office. Investigators Antonya Roush and
Bobby Mather were doing an evp session
when Atonya asks How did he die?. And a
male voice answers
"he took out their gun".
Whispers estate Mitchell Indiana