The Central Ohio paranormal research group investigated the Wyandot
Historical society museum on September 11th 2010, to help confirm the
historical society's belief that there was spirit activity in their museum. Our
findings confirmed that the museum does indeed have spirit activity in the
museum, and the one room school house that sits on the property as well.
We would like to thank the Wyandot county historical society for allowing
us the privilege of investigation this beautiful museum.
The Wyandot county historical society's museum in Upper Sandusky Ohio. Built in
1852 for the Beery family, later occupied by one of the Beery's daughters Lefee Beery
McConnell, and was donated by the McConnell family to the Historical society in 1962.
Investigators Andrea and Heather
were setting up an Ir camera in
the basement when our static
recorder caught a female saying   
"I don't like her"
We were told that there was a female spirit in the
Museum that they thought was Mrs. Beery, the last of
the Beery family who lived in the home. We caught
this older sounding female on our basement static
recorder saying " I can see" and a younger female
telling someone to "Look out!". Could the older
female be Mrs. Beery who died in the 1930's?.
The Museum director was unaware of the
spirit of a child there. Again caught by our
basement static recorder you hear a little
girl saying "Hello!" then something
sounding like "we're finding ya" But when
the last part is played in reverse, she says
Have you seen my" shoes".
And in reverse.
Most of the evps caught that
night were from the basement.
Here we caught a male calling
out for a Sara!.
In this one we caught a female saying
"Audrey". The foot steps you hear are
from the investigators walking on the
main floor.
Here we caught the little girl
calling for 'Ricky", was she
calling for Rick who was on the
third floor?.
Here the little girl is asking
"where'd you go?", as another
female is saying "no".
These next three evps were caught in the
Military room on the second floor. In the
first you hear the older female saying  "I'll
save em".
Here Rick is on the second floor military room.
We were told that if you whistled Mrs. Beery
would whistle back,  if you listen you can hear
two faint whistles. Then you hear a series of
bangs and pops,  and male says "alright".
This was caught by the static recorder in the Military
room. First you here Mike saying that they call this
the military room, and a male says "It sort of is".
Then you hear a female saying "He needed it". The
strange sound with the female voice is a spectral
subtraction used to help clean up an audio file
Mike are alone in the basement. They
both witnessed shadows and heard
movement at the other end of the
basement from where they were seated.
Rick asks can you copy this?. They heard
nothing in response. Then Rick asks, how
about this?, and knocks three times. You
can hear what sounds like female fingers
snapping three times in response.